Living Room Theaters

Movie Fanatics you can go and see your favorite movie at a Living Room Theater in Portland. Experience this new concept built by longtime filmmakers.

The goal is to change the way movies are distributed and viewed. This new concept involves changing what was not working well in traditional movie theaters and performing an upgrade to food, seating, lobby design and service

Living Room Theaters is touted as the new evolution in the cinema experience. They offer an elegant and comfortable environment that showcases a European style lounge and cafe with a relaxing ambiance to watch the best movies. Cinemas become a feast for the senses every time you watch in a Living Room Theater.

Enjoy the sights, sounds, textures, flavors, and creative design coming together so that films may be viewed the way they are supposed to be viewed. There are exclusive new releases plus the controversial independent films that both critics and viewers love to see. You don’t have to wait for a long time before these movies reach Portland.

Get the chance to reserve a theater for your private party or event. The cinema’s tech can also be used for lectures, meetings, and state of the art presentations.

Living Room Theaters is a victory for top-notch independent films and filmmakers. They are focused on helping the local film community grow and thrive.

Portland was chosen as the city where the first all-digital theater was launched because it is where active film lovers reside. The city has one of the highest per capita of film watching audiences among any city in the country.

The digitizing technology allows first time directors and producers to distribute their independent films without the high costs of traditional celluloid prints This allows the showcase of local and international groundbreaking films that are usually shown only during festivals and are not distributed in the U.S.

The digital technology used allows films, tv shows, and music to be quickly programmed and shown in many Living Room Theater locations.

When launched back in 2006, the use of chemicals like silver nitrate was eliminated due to the shift in digital projection. This process is earth-friendly, sustainable and more energy efficient from transport to projection.

The Portland Oregon location is found in the center of the West End just south of Burnside, across the new Ace Hotel, Living Room Theater is meant to be a masterpiece in Portland’s entertainment scene.

Witness the transformation of an old historic building into modern space for film. See the captivating fireplace, breathtaking windows and inviting arrangement of tables, sofas, and chairs in the lounge that makes you want to stay and engage.

The Theater is located on SW 10th Ave corner SW Stark Street, ticket purchase can be made at the box office found to the right of the main entrance on 10th Ave.

Friendly box office staff are happy to serve you with food and drinks delivered to your seat at the theater. It is best to arrive 30 minutes prior to movie showtime to enjoy this in theater service.

A lounge will greet you upon entry to your left and is a great place to relax and enjoy your favorite drink. The menu has something for everyone like pizza and chicken, soups, bread, and desserts.

Outdoor cafe seating is available during the summer season, get serenaded by relaxing music through the rolled up garage doors.

The main attraction is the Living Room Theaters, which includes six cozy auditoriums with generous rows of spacious and plush seating with 2 rows of loose seating and tables. Enjoy 5.1 surround and 2K or 1080p HD digital film projection.