Por Que No

While in Portland, why not have a taste of authentic Mexican food at Por Que No Taqueria. Located in the bustling district on Mississippi Ave just north of Fremont, this hole in the wall place is a converted garage showcasing a dozen tables inside. There is also a recently converted covered area close by plus a choice of tables and benches sitting on the sidewalk out front.

Casual dining is the experience here, you just choose your food from their menu, order at the counter, find a table and wait for them to bring your food to you.

You can choose to sit under their umbrellas and watch the street activity in the area. Visitors are reminded of a beachside place in Los Angeles specifically in Hermosa Beach California.

The specialty of the house is their tacos and they have twelve offerings to choose from:

  • Chorizo which features a homemade combination of Rainshadow El Rancho pork with onions, queso, cilantro and crema price is $3.50.
  • Pollo Verde is a Draper Valley chicken braised in a base of tomato salsa and comes served with onion, cilantro and salsa verde $3.25.
  • Carnitas tacos is a mixture of salsa verde, Carlton farms pork, cilantro, onions and queso fresco from the famous Ochoa Cheese $3.25.
  • Barbacoa is a favorite made from Cascade Farms beef brisket that is braised in banana leaves topped with three chili Baracoa salsa and pickled red onions, cilantro and crema from the Ochoa Quesaria in Albany $3.50
  • Al Pastor combines Spicy Cascade Farms pork that is grilled to perfection then topped with pineapple and spicy salsa de arbol, cilantro and onions $3.50
  • Pollo Asado gives you a spicy chipotle rubbed Draper Valley chicken that is grilled and topped with crema, pico de gallo and Salsa Roja $3.50
  • Carne Asada takes you on a flavorful adventure featuring Cascade Farms flank steak done the traditional way topped with grilled onions, spicy salsa, cilantro and de arbol $3.50
  • Camarones has wild shrimps sauteed with chili seasoning topped with cabbage, crema, salsa verde, cilantro, onion, and pineapple $4.75.
  • Lengua has special beef tongue braised and seared to a crisp topped with cilantro, onions and spicy serrano salsa $3.75
  • Pescado features a cornmeal crusted Alaskan cod mixed with cabbage, crema, onion, salsa verde, cilantro, and pineapple $4
  • Verduras is a veggie taco that vegetarians would love, it has seasonal vegetables, beans, cilantro and pico de gallo $3.25
  • Pescado #2 a different version that has crispy cornmeal crusted Alaskan cod, topped with serrano cabbage slaw and tangy escabeche crema $4

The past few years has seen their menu expand to include tamales of the day and flautas. Specials of the day are served on rotation which features the Barbacoa beef brisket tacos and Sopa de-rez beef stew to name a few. Margaritas are also served to wash down what you ate.

Por Que No uses only the finest ingredients sourced and sustainably caught. Prices may be on the steep side for a taco but the regular customers keep on coming back. Other customers also say that their tacos are quite small but when you have been to Mexico you will discover that their taco is just the traditional size.

Expect a crowd of different kinds of people as the place is considered a melting pot of people from the area. Service is excellent and laid back, the staff always makes sure that you have everything that you need.