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When visiting Portland, nature lovers should include the Forest Park in your itinerary.
You will be visiting one of the biggest urban forests in the country at 5,200 acres and more than 80 miles of trails, forest roads, and fire lanes. The Park stretches for more than seven miles overlooking Northwest Portland and along the east slope of Tualatin Mountains.

This is an exciting adventure which takes you on a true Northwest forest without having to leave Portland city limits.

The Forest Park is open daily from 5 am to 10 pm the whole year round. Here are some of the trails that you can take:

The Wildwood Trail
This trail has been declared as a National Recreation Trail that has 30.2 miles which starts from the south at Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington Park to the Northwest end of the trail at Newberry Road.

From the start of the trail, there are markings of blue diamond shaped blazes stenciled on trees around 6 feet high. These marking are seen every quarter mile while mile markers are placed around two feet above the blue diamond and show the distance from the Vietnam Memorial trailhead.

Leif Erikson Drive
This trail was once used by automobiles and is now a wide forest trail extending 112 miles from NW Thurman St to NW Germantown Road. Mile markers are seen on white concrete posts on the right side of the trail as you go north.